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Your Next Best Business Tool for Marketing! SMS Messaging & Email broadcasting, Whatsapp Messaging Service, Whatsapp Marketing aside, over at KRONO, we find new and improved methods of message broadcasting to help deliver your message across to a wider base of potential clients. With Krono's service of Whatsapp Messaging, reach out to a large database of thousands of customers in one go.

Our service helps you send - Promotional Text, Video, Audio and Image Messages.

Today, the growth and penetration of the WhatsApp application on smartphones phones in Indian country is already 70%. Whatsapp has reached 600 million active users worldwide. Instead of the traditional SMS with a character limit of 160 characters, WhatsApp Marketing allows users to send 480 characters per message, which makes this BULK WHATSATPP SYSTEM PLATFORM an attractive alternative to traditional Text Marketing.

Features of WhatsApp Marketing system:
- A new and modern way to communicate with customers and friends.
- Make your message understandable and sufficient with 480 number of characters.
- A video is worth a Thousand words. Clarify your message by attaching a video or a photo.

We also Provide:-
- Whatsapp Filteration
- Database Support (Filtered)
- Response Collection Support
- Image Creation Support
- Video Creation Support
- Audio File Creation Support
- Delivery Reports
- Call for Enquiry / Website Tab
- Captions

We provide support for response collection, and database management alongside support for image, audio file and video file creation. We also make provisions for reception and release of delivery reports, keeping you up-to-date with the same.

Email us your details, for Whatsapp Commercials. We look forward to signing up and exploring our services on KRONO.

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