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Voice SMS Services

Voice SMS is a simple technique of fastest, cost- efficient communication where a voice message is pre-recorded & is sent to target audiences from an automated phone number. This is a most unique, feature-rich& responsive technique of promotion as it goes to a large number of audience from an automated non-existent landline/phone number in a short span with maximum possibilities of response.

At Krono, we help you promote your brand to thousands of target audience at one go through our personalized Voice Message Service. Our voice call system is the ultimate messenger you can look for. It is an ideal marketing tool for generating leads, product promotions, customer surveys, service reminders, vote reminder, announcements & everything you could think about.

So why worry about communicating your miscellaneous reminders, appointments, alerts or notifications to your customers? Let us do it for you through our Voice SMS service.

Does your business need the right marketing focus? Write to us about your targets, requirements & queries or call us on 9167077067

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