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The New Business Mindset During COVID19 Times

The fight against COVID19 is a trying battle. The pandemic with its persistency has reformed the way business is being conducted across the globe. Businesses are being shut, Offline businesses are now moving to online platforms. Traditional media has been rendered useless and digital services are at a peak.

While various sectors are struggling to keep up, it is the small business that have taken the biggest hit. Hence if you are a Doctor, Stockbroker, Trainer, Teacher, Insurance agent, someone who runs a restaurant, hobby classes, financial services, online consultancy, any educational institution or if you are someone who is plainly looking for a solution to advertise or market a small online business then we have a plan of action that can assist you with the same through our digital marketing services.

At Krono, We have developed a new business plan to help market your business online during the COVID19 pandemic. You can promote your online business by relying on services that our employees are providing from home in order to keep the environment safe.

We believe that there are a total of 7 touchpoints that are proving to be useful for marketers these days: 

SMS - SMS is a service that will never be left redundant. Bulk SMS services are helping businesses to generate leads without a hassle. With our broadcasting service, you can update your customers/audiences about your activities or directly market your online services to them from home!

WhatsApp - If there is one medium thriving during the COVID19 times, then it is WhatsApp. With our WhatsApp marketing services, you can advertise to a mass audience and make the most of your business marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing- We are providing social media services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to help you maintain an online presence remotely. Create attractive content to engage your audiences and improve reach through social media solutions.

SEO - Get visibility on search engines through SEO services from Krono. Our team works around the clock to ensure that your company gets listed in the top searches. Even if you run a business locally, you now have opportunities of reaching a wider audience, and SEO can help you with that.

Google Adwords - Just like SEO, Pay-Per-Click ads through Google Adwords can improve online consultation and give way to effective lead generation. Since a huge chunk of the worlds population is now at home; consuming online data, it is a good opportunity to make use of PPC ads.

Tele-calling - Tap customers personally by opting for our tele-calling services. Our services will ensure that your lead generation campaigns and brand presence will stay intact even during this pandemic.

Email - Email has become a primary source of information and updates. While many customers are working from home, they tend to look at emails more than normal during the lockdown. This presents an opportunity to reach out to these customers no matter where they are. With Krono’s email services, you can reach out to your audience with informative and attractive content.

Though the world is engulfed in dread, we can collectively make the most of existing resources and ensure that life doesn’t stop.This is the right time to derive online consultations as we can never know how long this pandemic will last. Through our digital services, you can keep running your online business without any glitches. 

For any enquiries, you can connect with us at or call us at +91 9167077067

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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