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Here’s a Litmus test for our clients to understand the concept of SEM merely. Readers get confused most of the times, about the SEO and SEM terms. So, in short to get an idea here’s a simple example for you. If SEO is supposed to be a Lemon, SEM can be defined as a big Orange. i.e. SEO is apart of or a Subset of SEM. Now, it’s a well established fact that the SEM is much more a broader term in the internet marketing field.

What is SEM? SEM is simply abbreviated as ‘Search Engine Marketing’. Now let us have a look at its working strategy. Basically, the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has the power of ‘Advertisements’. It is a form of internet marketing which not only promotes the websites effectively but also increases the visibility of the respective websites in SERPS i.e. Search Engine Result Pages through Advertising and Optimization techniques.

To obtain higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses various tactics like :- Paid search Marketing - PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC (Cost Per Click), PPA (Pay Per Action), SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Conversion of Websites etc. Basically, SEM works on paid advertisements fact, which is surely a hit thing in today’s internet era.

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