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Records and Database Maintenance

As a part of our database management services, we at Krono take due care of the Records and Database Maintenance as one of the key features. The database generated as a result of various marketing and promotional campaigns like print ads in leading newspapers, digital media, television ads, footfalls at exhibition and events and other activities is one of the most crucial and vital asset of the organization as its potential targeted customers lies within the same.

We duly filter and maintain the database generated by checking if there is any change in the location, contact details, product preference and nature of the enquiry and record the same with intricacy and precision maintaining the reference records for current and any future needs. In our Records and Database Maintenance, we give strict adherence to the transparency levels with no access to any third party without the authority and permission of the client considering the delicacy of such matters. These traits of our brand have made us acclaim the top position in the minds of our clients for database management services, be it real estate or other sectors.

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