Brand Planning & Marketing Communication

Brand Marketing Solution

Brand Marketing Solution

At Krono, we understand how important brand communication is for the effective running of any brand, or a company. This is why we provided a synchronised, result-oriented process of essential Brand Marketing Solutions that are not only economic, but also time-effective:

  1. Research & Market Analytics / Competitive Analysis.
  2. Brand Marketing & Communication Strategy & Plan development.
  3. In-house development of all Brand Communication in all required forms.
  4. Print, Production & Fabrication of all forms of brand collaterals wherever required.
  5. Development of optimal Media Plans best suited for effective message delivery within stipulated budget considerations.
  6. Implementation of other supportive brand messaging & activities at points of Customer-Brand contact.
  7. Evaluation of campaign results for fine-tuning of plan components.

This 360 degree, start-to-finish process is available as a seamless service with our company.

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