Affiliate Program

Since its inception in 2006, Krono is a Solution based & Service driven marketing agency that transforms brands radically. With our latest digital marketing solutions, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to building a brand. Our one major goal is to develop sustainable relationships between our clients & their customers& give them the best of both worlds. Our marketing specialists are experienced in working at strategy as well as implementation levels and empower you to see the world through different eyes. Krono’ has successfully facilitated over 10,000 Clients in mix of industries across India and has thousands of testimonials to its track record! In the coming next 3 years, Krono is poised to grow and scale its presence to top potential 30 cities of India.

Why Digital Marketing

  • 28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing
  • By 2018, Digital marketing will be poised to overtake TV as the largest advertising segment
  • The ability to target and segment customers highlights a larger strategic desire to improve customer loyalty and advocacy shared by two-thirds (67%) of the CMOs
  • An investment of Re. 1 in direct marketing ad expenditures is predicted to return, on average, Rs. 12.18 in comparison to, non-DM which is expected to be Rs. 5.26

This is the right time to capture the growing trend and demand for digital and direct marketing. This is the future of marketing and advertising. Over 85% of our clients have received super results and now, they are our loyal customers.

Krono’s Services:

1) Database Management
2) Digital Marketing
3) Direct Marketing
4) Appointment Setting & Lead generation
5) Brand Communication.

How does Krono’s Affiliate program work?

An affiliate is an individual who sells Krono’s products/services. An affiliate does not have any upfront investment like infrastructure, manpower etc. other than establishing online presence. However they can expand the business at a future date once it is well established in the market. Krono has streamlined the entire affiliate process to ensure the ease of use. An affiliate will directly report to our Franchisee partner for strategic problem-solving & implementation doubts. In our Affiliate program, we allow you to retain full control of the business operations which accelerates much better earnings. An affiliate becomes an independent entity who will sell Krono’s services after their own brand name and receive the commission pay-outsfrom Kronobased on the sales volume.At Krono, we provide business – ready training to affiliates at a minimum cost which will include all the modules required for starting &running the business effectively.

A Golden Opportunity to join Krono’s Affiliate Program team:

    • We are offering ‘While-Label’ affiliate programme, a unique opportunity for- marketing agency, sales professionals, consultants, software and hardware people to earn handsome additional income.


    • Enhance your business’s authority by adding our range of 42 (or 47) different solutions for Digital Marketing and Advertising needs of your clients under your brand name. All at ‘zero investment’ on infrastructure and people.


    • As an affiliate partner, you just need to do is promote and sell the solutions (product) and rest – Backend, Technical operations and Campaign execution would be done and taken care by the expert team of Krono.


  • We would offer our solutions at a discounted price to our affiliate partners giving them good margin points to earn plus, you can charge their own premium over and above the pricing structure.

Our Affiliate Partner will be exceedingly delighted to enjoy our world class advantages like

1. Rich Experience and Expertise
2. Exhaustive Range of Digital Marketing Services
3. In-House Team of Specialties for Lead Generation and Execution
4. Quick, Easy to control business format with systems and software in place
5. Exponential Business Growth Rate.

It becomes difficult to judge a book by its cover and hence, we are ready to share our presentation on Krono’s Affiliate Program Opportunity, which will shower light on the exact details about the concept and the business opportunity.

So, why miss the boat, dial 8689943202 or write to us at and be a part of our success story.