6 Marketing Tips that will upscale your Jewellery Business

The Jewellery industry represents a unique market! Different type of jewellery collections are geared towards different age groups. In order to strategize a jewellery marketing plan & upscale the sales of jewellery, it is inevitable to understand and explore the marketplace and also figure out as to how you will take the advantage of your market position.

  1. Social Focus

A powerful way to get your brand noticed is to build a responsive website with attractive content. Social media plays a crucial role in boosting your brand awareness. Social media presence will make your prospects better acquainted with your brand when they see your presence on multiple social networks. Your social media content becomes the voice of your brand. Regular posts on social media with skilfully crafted content are sure to create a buzzword about the brand, will eventually help you in jewellery branding & introduce you to your target audience.

  1. Target Audience

Focusing on your potential prospects & converting them into active sales is quite a challenging task in today’s cut throat competition. A powerful database helps you discover the customer profile that is best for your business & serves as a start point to reach the purchaser. An experienced jewellery marketing agency will surely help you with the best jewellery marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate by providing a powerful database, which will in turn increase your jewellery sales.

  1. Newsletters

Sending out E-letters to your customers is one of the best jewellery promotion ideas & is the best way to keep them in the loop. Sending regular emails & newsletters with captivating content to all of your customers can create a big gain. This tactic could be most effective when you deliver the right message at the right time to the right person!

  1. Discount/coupon

Offering a Discount or a Coupon can be an effective trigger in bringing back the customers who have not purchased lately. This can be implemented through monthly emails or sending out bulk SMS to your entire client list informing about the same. This jewellery marketing strategy helps in jewellery branding & promoting to a great extent.

  1. Brand insights

For a brand that is new in the market and virtually unknown to the general public, it is very important to indulge into offline jewellery branding activations to build user engagement. Putting up kiosks in malls, theatres, clubs etc. can be a powerful jewellery marketing channel to target customers’ offline.

  1. Story telling

Compelling stories that connect deeply with customers’ emotions make your brand unforgettable. Tell stories with videos or high quality images with crisp content ensuring the story captures viewers’ attention & arouses curiosity thus promoting your jewellery brand in the competitive market.


The above pointers can be some of the most powerful jewellery marketing strategies in increasing your store footfall, promoting your jewellery brand& supercharge revenues for your store!


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How effective are video brochures for branding?

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