Auto Rickshaw Branding

With Krono's unique concepts of Auto Rickshaw Branding, revolutionize the way your products are advertised. Keep up with the fast-moving customer base with adverts on rickshaws that spread the word, and sell your products, the smart way!

Printed on radium type feviquick based vinyl on boards of 24 by 7 inches, with an execution period of 4-5 days based on the quality of print, our auto rickshaw ad displays are effective and efficient. Your advertisements go where the auto rickshaws do - with such brand recall value, and guaranteed quick responses; Krono's Auto Rickshaw Branding is the way to go. Anytime, anywhere: this is instant audience engagement, at its low-cost best. Even more, we would provide you with picture proof of all the adverts, and also help you with permissions, and rentals.

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